I am the way,
and the truth
and the life.

John 14,6

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Welcome to the Service of Friendship Mission

Dear reader, dear Friend!

We wish you God’s grace, strength and blessing. May our Lord Jesus Christ lead and protect you in all your ways.

Service of Friendship…
… is a faith mission with missionaries and evangelism-teams throughout the world. Only born again Christians who place themselves under the total authority of the Bible are sent out as missionaries. All workers of the Service of Friendship Mission are totally devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, serving Him selflessly, being content with food and clothing (1. Tim. 6:8). Please pray daily for all those who serve the Lord in our Mission world-wide. Would you also like to help?

Millions of our Bible-based tracts…
… in various languages have helped lead many souls throughout the world to the Lord Jesus Christ. You can also distribute our Service of Friendship tracts to those around you. Our tracts for children have also been a blessing to thousands of young people. To all our brothers and sisters in Christ who have a desire for souls to be saved, we gladly send free of charge as many tracts as needed for distribution. Order a selection of our tracts today and pass them on with prayer. Jesus Christ wants to use you in His work.

Thousands of free gospels…
… in various languages as well as New Testaments in Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Rumanian, Hungarian, Albanian and Arabic are printed by us and sent to all continents. Many recipients take part in our Bible Correspondence Course. God’s Word does not return empty (Isaiah 55:10-11). It brings fruit for eternity. Under the great commission of Jesus Christ we distribute the printed Word of God all over the world. Please pray that the Lord may supply the necessary funds for the printing and that he would send more workers into His blessed service. Have you already done the Service of Friendship Bible Course?

Would you like to
… learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ and how much He loves you? We would be pleased to send you, free of charge, our Gospel of John, «Your truest Friend» with Bible Correspondence Course and other literature. If you have any spiritual questions or if you need prayer, you may write to us confidentially. We shall gladly pray for you. May the Lord bless you!

Involvement in:
Evangelisation, Local Mission, Pastoral care, Bible School, Bible Society (printing and distribution), Publishing house, Radio broadcasting, Tracts, Literature, Cassettes and CD’s, Telephone Mission, Internet, Media, Christian schools, various social services, Seminars and Guest House, lectures, conferences, and holiday programmes, community services, global mission.

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